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  • Read "4 billion consumers" CK Prahalad to overcome these misconceptions


What does Icthys do?

We lead medium and global companies to meet vulnerable population at the base of the pyramid in emerging countries, and achieve double bottom line projects, both social and economic.

The traditional approach of companies entering an emerging market is to target wealthy populations, whereas BoP strategies aim at reaching vulnerable people which constitute both an amazing economic and social opportunity.

We take you along unknown markets, on innovative projects, reaching out to new consumers…

Why is it interesting for your company?

Explore new growth opportunities

Change the way you view business and reinvent tomorrow’s core business for your company

Mobilize new resources and develop new forms of partnerships to co-create new responses to BoP consumers’ needs

Become a change agent in promoting values suchs as innovation, empathy, entrepreneurship and most of all… "spread goodness around" ...

BoP is a gigantic development opportunity :
it is estimated at four billion people

(World Ressource Institute)

BoP market Pyramide
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